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Akanke is a blogging engine aimed at more technical users, that is minimalistic and backed by Markdown files. It's also a nice girl, but let's leave it there :) It was created after I got disappointed by Wordpress for its size, complexity, using PHP, awkward handling of Markdown by the plugins, etc.

It's goals are:

  • Backed by Markdown files, so it's more managable.
  • Fast, files are synced to and served from in-memory database.
  • Standalone, no dependencies or configuration necessary.
  • Wordpress compatible URL scheme for easy migration.
  • Build-in Facebook integration for social features.
  • Provide as much freedom for creating themes and additional pages as possible.
  • Open source, 100% Java, free to use.

Installation & running

A Java 8 runtime (JRE or SDK) installed on the system of your choice.

Unzip the binaries:

unzip ./akanke-VERSION-bin.zip -d ./akanke

Run it:

java -jar ./akanke-VERSION.jar

After it says it's started you can point your browser to:


This will show you the example website, where you can find more detailed instructions on adding files, or creating templates.

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